Walton's Fancy & Staple

Yes it is. A staple for me. The absolutely best chocolate croissant in Austin...and the best Golden Egg in Austin...and the best mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwich...the list can go on and on. At least once a month my friend & I run up to Walton's for brunch, to play conversational catch up and to eat ourselves into a splendid stupor. Attempts at verbally depicting the heaven that you get transported to when eating there would certainly be a crime in some sort of culinary code of ethics I'm sure. The sincere staff alway remember my visits, perhaps because I buy such large quantities of take home goodies as I proclaim "they are for my mother!". A few weeks ago as I gave the standard "for my mother" speech the guy behind the counter just smiled and said kindly "we don't judge here"...and then followed with, "I know, I know...it's for your mother" with a knowing nod and candid air quoted gesture.