Ok Go "White Knuckles"

They've done it again. To date, Ok Go's White Knuckles video is the absolute cutest (and well rehearsed) footage I have ever seen...well, since their last infamous treadmill pop culture insanity. "We’re trying to be a DIY band in a post-major label world” was Ok Go's take on making music in a non-conventional way. I think it's spectacularly staggering, and a statement to their creativity with a video recorder and $5 they were able to create a unique statement that garnered the interest of 48 million YouTube views. Rather than just thoughtfully provoke for the purpose of attention, they are using their music to influence people in a socially conscious yet fun way.

Incredibly, most of the dogs in the video are rescues, & by clicking on their link above you can opt to download the video with all proceeds going to support the ASPCA. I didn't post this video to provide PAE readers with a mini-break from work, but to drive you to think about our furry little ones and donate, volunteer, foster or adopt my good people! Let's save some animals and listen to good music simultaneously. They bring multi-tasking to a whole new level. Ready, set....Ok Go!