Sometimes I spend hours and hours on Flickr. Occasionally you see great work like Julia Galdo. When I was a photographer for my college newspaper, I recall with vagueness being overtly annoyed with having to develop my film by hand, and the length of time it took. What really provoked a roll of the eye was - in high school at least I was able to develop my own photographs and most in black and white nonetheless. In 1997 this "new" technology allowed my editor to burn, highlight and manipulate my most prized photographs. With a quick slide of hand he was able to transfer my inner most workings into his vision. I was often literally transplanted into the lives of my subjects, as if floating in another dimension. Technology seemed to take this away for me at the time.

When I saw this photograph it reminded me of how fortunate I was to be a part of that era. By no means is film dead, but when was the last time you used it? As amazing and all providing as digital is, I miss those days in the dark developing my work, and feeling around for what may or may not have been the photo I had been holding my breath for. More than anything now, I miss the anticipation of my unseen work. There were no redos, retakes or do overs. Life as we knew it was caught in a brief moment in time. Pictures such as these are life lived...and captured in print are undefinable, inexplicable and tangible.