Delicate Vintage Inspired Jewelry

I was recently surfing through an issue of one of my favorite magazines, Lucky and developed a serious case of heart break at not owning all these tiny little works of art below. Had I ever learned to weld and construct my own jewelry, I would like to imagine it would turn out exactly like Blanca Monros Gomez's vintage inspired creations. After doing some research I found that she works in rose & yellow gold, black diamonds, rubies, pearls & sapphires and has been featured in Elle & Glamour as well. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted & made of as much recycled material as possible and has an organic quality in design. Did I also mention that she is committed to working with environmentally responsible sources? Originally hailing from Barcelona, she now resides in Brooklyn where she meets with her clients and makes special custom orders from her recycled precious metals. Gives a whole new meaning to the 3 R's. After all, it would be environmentally irresponsible to not purchase a few items, right?