Your Mom's Burger

My friend Mandy invited me to eat at Your Mom's because one of her clients (a committed foodie) went and fell in love. The best burger joint in Austin? I was a bit skeptical, but nonetheless excited to dig in and try the yumminess described. The menu is creative and I noticed all burgers are USDA certified natural all angus beef (i.e. no antibiotics nor hormones). I opted for the build your own burger and went with jalapenos, american cheese & a fried egg for good measure. After placing our order with the super friendly guy, we took our tasty sodas (served in EcoProducts- ok now I'm falling in love!) and waited patiently on the patio.
About 15 minutes later our good sized portioned treats arrived table side, and we proceeded to ooh and ahhh bite after bite. My wheat bun was super soft, the cheese oozed everywhere as it's inserted and cooked in the meat, and getting the fried egg was so choice!

By far the best burger in the ATX. Maybe the best ever? Even more exciting is they are opening another location next to my work off Burnet in January! I awoke this morning content yet groggy from a deep burger induced sleep... swearing I had dreams of row after row of line dancing burgers.