Polkadots Cupcake Factory

I don't have a big sweet tooth. I would much rather eat a wide assortment of cheeses (gorgonzola, brie & parmigiano reggiano~yes!) than spend my caloric intake on sweets. In an either or scenario, savory wins in my book every time. I've never met a potato nor loaf of bread I didn't like. Enter Polkadots Cupcake Factory. These confections had my taste buds overturning the longly held sweet v. salty verdict. What makes these small cakes a triple threat are: 1) a buttercream recipe as airy as falling snowflakes 2) the cupcakes are extremely buttery & ultra moist 3) the daily changing menu of "I wouldn't have thought of that together!" flavors that keep your palate guessing.

So, muchas gracias to my lovely co-worker who brought the tasty treats into the office & tipped the scale slightly. My 4th sense thanks you ever so sweetly.