Orin Swift Cellars

You know when you go the liquor store and they follow you around trying to recommend stuff to you? I usually aquiese a bit because I feel rude not listening. To me, that's just being southern. Southerners do that...northerners would tell you to bugger off. Anyhow, this is that rare instance where it actually paid off - cha ching! In one gulp this became my new favorite wine. Normally if it's not French, or from Willamette or the Russian River Valley not a fan. Keep in mind I have no idea what I'm talking about in vino world. I've never taken a class, never been informally taught, gave away my decanter....but I DO know what I like. How can I explain this? Hmmm? I guess a perfect example is I don't cook, but hot damn but I'm a good foodie. I love everything about cooking - heck one of my favorite channels is the original Cooking Channel (I love you 2 Fat Ladies!). I can watch it for hours. Regardless, try the wine. It will not disappoint.

Sláinte, Salud, L'Chaim , & Cheers!

"Orin Swift Cellars is the realization of a dream that began while studying abroad at the University of Florence in Florence, Italy. Like so many other college students I was at odds with what to do upon graduation. Fortunately for me, my roommate at the time was from an old wine family in the Sonoma valley and he had a great suggestion: "Why not get into the wine business? You seem to like wine." In truth, I did enjoy wine and even more, I enjoyed the idea of what I perceived to be an honorable and honest profession. Having just finished an internship for a congressman the previous semester, the latter was very important to me"....