Miss Thing!

"I'm going to hide them where no one looks!" she exclaimed as she opened the panty.Where is that? I asked Miss Thing (my long time nickname for my niece Emily who's 11 going on 40) "Behind the raisins! No one eats those!"

So was the ending conversation as we made rice krispy treats yesterday evening. She was like an old pro molding the gooey concoction with her tiny, agile fingers. A smaller replica of me from the glasses down to the affinity for scarves, I swear there isn't anything she can't do. Being the artiste she is, she spread them out very carefully and quickly to ensure that they came out in perfectly proportioned square shapes - did I also mention she happens to be a perfectionist?

As promised to her if she made the whole batch herself, here are the cooking de jour images of her concentrating on snap, crackle & pop.