It's a Ruff Life

A while back I was strolling through a small shopping center in South Austin, and was lulled to a small boutique by a wonderful smell that was drifting out of the door. Curious as to what was inside & distracted by the aroma, it wasn't until I was inside that I noticed I was standing in a bakery for dogs! I wondered in amazement at how they made these all natural dog treats look & smell so good? Immediately I began to investigate and fell in love with Groovy Dog Bakery. This shop had it all- helpful counter people, a wide array of fresh baked treats, and accessories & chewables. The baked goods are made with such care and attention to detail, your 4 legged loved ones will not be able to see nor sniff the difference. To take it up a notch for that special day, they even have a "Pawty Room" available for your pooch's birthday posse that includes a Groovy Dog Birthday Bone Cake, Groovy Smoothies, party hats and a scarf for the birthday boy/girl. Today was Cujo (the chihuahua's) ~ 6th Birthday. We all eagerly gathered at his cousin's house [which include Chico & ChaCha the pomeranians + Cody the white chihuahua] for the birthday festivities. As soon as the Groovy Dog Box was brought into the house there were low whines and furiously wagging tails aplenty. The pooches could detect that the air molecules had been altered somehow by whatever sweet confection was in that white box, and they wanted it now, ruff! To say the least, they partied and partied till their bellies could stand no more (see below), and all fell into a deep slumber where I imagine they dreamed of more delectable birthday cake yet to come.