Bean There!

A coffee lounge that's open 24 hours in my neighborhood? Say it isn't so Bennu!?I ventured over this AM for the first time and was impressed right away by the nice service .

My large iced coffee was brewed to perfection ~ not too strong, great taste & served with just the right sized little ice nuggets. Serious ice coffee drinkers know what I'm talking about... the ice is almost as important as the jo', right? I decided to try the turkey, provolone, & basil pesto aioli Sandwich on homemade wheat bread. Delish!

I can't wait to go back & try one of their gourmet mochas ~ I'm thinking the Don Quixote or Scarlet Letter? They serve everything from baked pastries, pizzas, salads & sammies from local suppliers like Hoboken Pie & Russell's Bakery. All this plus free wifi & organic fair trade beans. East Austin delivers again!