¡Buen Provecho!

While I can say I have absolutely no formal training in food, I do consider myself a huge foodie. I just like food plain and simple. Whether it's a perfect hotdog being eaten (in between cheers and conversation) at a baseball game, ordering a starter of sweet pan seared foie gras with a main course of Maine diver sea scallops & white truffle oil at a pricey restaurant, or even Greek yogurt with fresh fruit at home...to me it's all about the quality, flavor and the environment of the food that's being eaten. Food doesn't have to be extremely complicated or take hours to prepare, on the contrary my favorite types of food tend to be the ones that have very few ingredients and/or minutes to prepare (as gasp! I really don't cook). Feeling adventurous on a lazy Sunday morning and remembering an article I skimmed over in Austin Monthly, I decided to skip over to the east side for a little brunch at the Blue Dahlia Bistro. Much to my pleasant surprise the food was divine! Perfect portions, tasty organic/local ingredients, & very reasonable prices served in a European style establishment. My favorite dish so far is the Tartine~Prosciutto with mozzarella, pesto and sun dried tomatoes tartine (seen below) washed down with a tall refreshing glass of their fresh mint lemonade or yummy brewed slow roasted Kohana Coffee. Did I also mention they have a wonderful array of fresh baked breads including one of the best chocolate croissants my little taste buds have ever had the opportunity to devour?

My friends often poke fun of me as I post pictures of food that I'm enjoying on my facebook page. They wonder what is this "Obsession that I seem to have with food? Why do I care so much? There are other more important things going on. It's just food"...and on and on. To them I say this. Slow down. Take the time to savor each morsel. Bite after delectable bite it can be the mark of an important celebration, it has the ability to melt away all your worries and troubles after a hard day, or it can be a vehicle to take you back to a fabulous memory or far away place that you hold dear. My friends--food is more than just a thing to be eaten. Being a Latin chiquitita myself, food has come to symbolize a celebration of our life, our culture, our ancestry and all that we are. So, go forth, eat with abandon and as they say in Spanish ¡buen provecho!