I Heart You Warby Parker...

It had been almost two years, so imagine my glee to return to my former stomping grounds! Not much has changed - it's still the city that never sleeps, but first & foremost (before my shopping extravaganza) on my to do list, was to visit Warby Parker. For the newbies; I blogged about this fantastic eyewear company last July. What first caught my attention was for every pair of vintage looking frames you purchase, they donate a pair to someone in need. They send you up to 5 frames for 5 days completely free, you have no obligation to buy, and they also include a paid return shipping label.

Not only did they email me back, they encouraged me to go in person should I ever be in NYC. I took them up on their offer and they did NOT disappoint! Ever so kind and helpful, a sweet company rep named Liane went above and beyond to help me pick out my perfect pair. She wanted to genuinely hear not only about where I came from, but also how I heard about the company, what I was doing in the city, and gave me great input on which pair looked best...basically (gasp!) she actually cared about her company's customer - and judging from the great vibe in the office I could immediately tell it's a way of life at Warby Parker.

A company that lives by and actually fulfills their humanitarian purpose not only on paper, but also in person? Rare to find my friends. I am a true convert hook, line & sinker, woosh! The glasses were delivered quickly and are just as adorable & sturdy as the day I tried them on. All sweetness aside - to date they have delivered 30,000 pairs of glasses to over 36 countries to those in need. Chic, retro, fashionable all the while contributing to the goodness of mankind for the bargain price of $95? I'm ready to order my next pair of geeky chic.