I love everything about Austin Monthly. I love that it has found the perfect mixture for pairing biting city articles with palpable photography, and a light sprinkling of the goings on about town. Not to mention the ever-important delectable dining section that highlights the ATX's up and coming eateries (food, food, food!). In typical self-proclaimed Austin fashion, I think I know all about my beloved city, but then often catch myself chuckling out loud at the razor sharp articles whilst discerning some new tidbits of goodness. The July printing is undoubtedly no exception with the Pet Issue. This Pet Guide is for animal lovers of all kind, no doubt. Everything from training facilities, to boutiques & animal wear, to emergency vet services -- it is a treasure trove of guidance for our two and four-legged friends...birds, pigs, cats, dogs, horses, to the occasional gill finned guppy.

Always being in a dog household, I have to admit I was besotted by the wonderfully enchanting pet tale of the two chinchillas. Named after their human counterparts, Vince & Colt (the chinchillas) have an uncanny way of predicting the outcome of Longhorn Football with either their excitement level & high wheel activity (here we come victory!), to varying degrees of narcolepsy (you snooze you lose). In my humble opinion, chinchillas are hugely under appreciated for their nobility, charm and powers of clairvoyance. Long live the chinchilla!  

All kidding aside, please be sure to read the riveting article "NO Kill" on page 94. As a city we took great strides in passing a no-kill ordinance in March, but still have a long battle ahead. Shelter animals do not have to be subjected to euthanization due to overcrowding (an astonishing 7,003 last year). Find out how to become a supporter and advocate by volunteering, joining a rescue group, and/or becoming a foster parent.

So, go ahead and subscribe already. Not only do you support local by doing so, you also get a piece of Austin awesomeness delivered straight to your doorstep every month, priceless!