Femme Fatale Sweetheart

I could hardly containment my excitement when I saw the cover of November's Elle issue. It's their annual "Women in Hollywood" issue which means that several different covers are produced and I got Sofia Coppola ~ yes! Her talent is obviously well known (ahem, being the 1st woman to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay), but it's much more than than her work that I find fascinating about her. She exudes a laid back casual cool, yet is illicitly aware about the complexities of women and the visual beauty in which to unfold them.

The narrative she paints all the wonderful characters she films, is both deeply intoxicating and intriguing to me. Marie Antoinette was such a deliciously decadent film to watch because of the "let them eat cake" attitude that she was able to depict and maintain throughout the film. I could almost tangibly feel myself traipsing through the lush gardens of Versailles.

She wins accolades, fancies ballet flats and in her spare time designs for Vuitton and is MJ's muse? A woman clearly having her cake and eating it too.