Trouvé + IGWT

I love the "classic-ness" of white gold & platinum. It's elegant, regal, and timeless...but for some reason as of late I've really been into rose/gold tinted jewelry. I think it looks so pretty against summer kissed skin. Blame it on my 80's upbringing & the popularity of The A-team ... the heavy rope chains, herringbone bracelets & chain-link dangle earrings (that I might mention are totally back in style!). Alas, I recently purchase two fabulous bracelets that I've been wearing non-stop 24/7.

The first piece was purchased at By George. I was nonchalantly perusing the jewelry cases when Rhianna Horan's gorgeous line, Trouvé, immediately caught my eye. The description on the clasp read late 1880's. Ah, the oldest vintage piece I own yet ~ score!

The second little gem was found at Spartan. I almost overlooked it at first glance -- it resembles Oli's long lost cousin, hoot hoot. I have very miniture wrists, so I love that you can bend it to make it smaller. Upon further search I realized that it's from IGWT in Brooklyn. Of course. Vintage & New York. Match made in accessory heaven.