The Short of It...

My hair has gone through it's phases throughout the years. Long, medium, short, ugly & downright hideous (the 80's anyone?). My poor strands have been the dart board for my evolving moods. Feeling comfortable and lazy has usually been accompanied by longer hair. Wanting to make the change, but scared to equals the safety net length of medium. Just got out of a relationship and want to shear in change always meant a dramatic chop! All moodiness aside, over the years I've always had some image of inspiration that has been the catalyst for the change. Just that right time when everything alined and pointed to all systems go...short. More and more I see cropped as my full time persona. The Eve of me. If I may say so, it takes a different kind of gal to rock a super cropped do. Bold, daring, a bit rebellious to the traditional definition of beauty and as the indifferent hairdresser always says "it grows back for heaven's sake!". Seriously considering another chop off the old block, late last night I found myself reminiscing the ground breaking cuts that spurred me to the aha! moment to take the plunge.
The haircut reportedly cost $5000. Roman Polanski flew Mr. Sassoon out to cut Mia's hair for Rosemary's Baby. The cut was extremely ahead of it's time, is still asked for today & created a completely different type of beauty; the gamine.
Meg. Meg. Meg. How do I love thee? Not only is she the cutest and quirkiest human being alive, her tresses and Sally's shearing techniques are what dream hair-ships are made of. Addicted to Love came out in the late 90's and set off a furry of copycats -- can you blame us? One day, far far away, in the land of make believe, I see myself being granted the wish of a Hershberger cut, but will unfortunately not live to see it because I will have spontaneously combusted in a poof of disbelief.
This is the haircut that winded the fear out of me. I saw it, had to have it, and went into my trusted salon and screamed for my stylist to do it before I changed my mind. I had never had hair this short and was terrified. Luckily, my stylist rolled his eyes at my dramatic entrance and proceeded to do a phenomenal job. I look back at pictures of myself with that cut with such nostalgia and freedom. It was a liberating and pointed time in my life.
  Katie's bob had me venture into blunt bang territory. I loved them and her for inspiring yet another change. Cutting off such a significant part of her Dawson's Creek persona, the cut transformed her image overnight and was reported on all over the media for weeks.
Last but not least, Michelle Williams. I simply adore her. Everything from her Park Slope zip code to her indie dress style, she is hipster personified. I go back in a few weeks for another cut, and this shall be it. Unfortunately, coolness will not be included, sigh.