Femme Fatale Sweetheart

I've decided to include each month a gal whom shall we say is Peeking at Eve personified... A gal whom I'd gladly walk in her shoes, wardrobe, style & all. This month shall be capped off with none other than Selma Blair. I seriously delight in all things Selma.

Ever the perfect balance of of naivete & rebel...a life shall we say well constructed. Sugar and spice and everything nice. I respect that she doesn't adhere to the convention of stereotypical beauty, and seems to be cut from a different cloth. From the quirky film roles she carefully chooses to her private and offbeat persona, she exemplifies east coast prep meets indie rock smashed serendipitously into one.
Committed to staying out of the spotlight, she surfaces every so often, and when she does, she does so purposefully and poignantly. I eagerly await her next project and incantation of mood. Above all, I appreciate her carefree yet somehow logical perspective of "C'est la vie".