A few of my favorite things...

I vividly remember my giddy excitement when my mom (finally!) caved in and gave me the ok to venture into the world of makeup. All summer long I begged and pleaded to "Please let me use something other than Maybelline's Kissing Potion lip gloss" ?!? As she finally gruffed a yes to my complete dismay, I quickly enrolled my older sister to help me on my new mission of beautifying myself. The morning of my seventh grade year, I awoke to find a treasure trove of goodies she left behind for me, along with a heartfelt note full of tips and explanations of what products were to be applied where. I don't think I went to school looking as wonderful as I had hoped- it was the 80's after all- but that moment is etched in my memory because it was my first foray into the magical world of beauty products. I do love products, products & products galore, but I've since learned that less is more. I have fine tuned my routine to include only what I really love, and what I know works for me. Fads come and go. I willingly participate in my attempts to look younger!, tighter! and more moisturized!, but I sheepishly always go back to my trusty side kicks below. Luckily they can't speak or wag their knowing fingers at me ~ Shame on me for straying away from you oh beloved items...

Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner The best esthetician in the world (Mandy Wright) turned me on to this wonderful ecologically conscious and international fair trade company over a decade ago. She believed in a holistic and green approach in her treatments and products long before it was mainstream. For her dedication to this line, my glowing skin thanks you! This soothing toner is a blend of anthyllis and hazel extracts, and is the perfect combination for my sensitive and sometimes dry skin.

Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel Normally I can count on any product containing hyaluronic acid to make my skin freak out. Not the case with this vitamin B gem. It's light and moisturizing texture leaves my skin happy, balanced and refreshed.

Make Up Forever HD Foundation Available in 25 colors, this HD foundation looks as if I'm not wearing anything at all, yet flawless at the same time.

Stila Convertible Color (Lillium) I only use cream blush. This one sets the standard. It's consistently voted the best year after year; including this year's "In Style's Best Beauty Buys 2010". It lasts all day, has a dewy consistency and the colors are flattering to all who try them. The creme de la creme. Enough said.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer It's fragrance free, has an SPF 15 and is only around $3. I've tried the expensive lip treatments, but this drugstore find works great for me year round.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Ode to Shu Uemura ~ This curler has a cult following with good reason. The great design and firm pads are a match made in ergonomic heaven. I have the straightest eyelashes known to man. Uncurled I look tired and sleepy. This magical device somehow manages to make the curl last all day long.