Ta-dao! THAO

Most of the city looks upon summer days with great glee and excitement. The prospects for the extracurricular are bountiful, and my experience is this holds true especially in the music scene. My theory is—many take the opportunity to tour during this time because they too need a break from the mundane tick tock of the 9 to 5. The higher ups also tend to be a little more gracious with extended vacations/time off in the summer for those of the unfortunate musical who haven’t yet been able to fulfill their dreams of playing for a living quite yet. Moving to Austin straight out of high school, live music was my greatest weekly indulgence. We do reside in the “Live Music Capital of the World” after all, and music 101 was my favorite class. The location of my classes varied often, so if you wanted to find me you just had to scan the rooms of Liberty Lunch, Emo’s or Austin Music Hall, or any other of the small & dingy clubs around town. Nowadays, my life often seems like a to-do list with too many of the things I don’t want to do. Some call it growing up, I call it boring & unsatisfying—until that magical music time rolls around and I get to re-enroll in class all over again.

The summer semester is being called to session tomorrow night at Mohawk with Thao. To describe the sound would only earn a pass/fail, so I can only tell you what I know & feel listening. I feel like lazying in the shade under a great big tree with a green apple & good read… I feel like wishing on a dandelion in the hot summer breeze…I feel like I’m eating a huge puff of sticky pink cotton candy with delectable sweetness…I guess what I really feel deep down is that I’m listening to great music. Take a gander for yourselves and if you are so inclined—go to the show. Who knows, maybe you too will be taken back to those scholastic carefree years of freedom and spontaneity. Go ahead, break free from the monotony and turn your D grade type of life into an A+.