I feel pensive and reflective during the cold months. There's something about Winter for me. It's the only time of the year when I can feel justified about staying in doors. I usually read a lot, write, look at photography and listen to quieter music. Some might say my mood shifts from light to dark, but I love the unsettling stillness of my heart and mind. Like a light switch, I am able to shift into a different side of creativity . Inventiveness is a front & back of the hand. Spring & Summer are the front - light and free. Fall & Winter are the back - still and pensive. I can't have one without the other and they are polar opposites. They don't function independently of one another, yet are each whole and complete.

Delicate takes me back to long winters in New York. Watching the first snowfall from my apartment window and pondering with wonder where my life would turn up? When it would begin? I slowly learned it was happening in those moments...that I still carry with me like a tightly guarded locket.