Pure Austin Deux

I was perusing Facebook and noticed a marathoner's post on Pure Austin's blog. It's a great read! Josie (the author) recently qualified for Boston in New York. When I lived in NY, there was nothing more inspiring than watching the wave of runners make their way down 2nd Ave in my neighborhood. I would be hoarse from yelling the day after, but hopefully carried runners a few extra steps with my loud enthusiasm and encouragement. I remember those distant cheers at times made putting one foot in front of the other a possibility for me when I ran my marathon. She credits the best gym in the ATX, Pure Austin and Shirley (that girl kicks my butt when I take her classes!) with taking her running to the next level. Reading her post reminded me of why I love running; as I sometimes forget.

A brief excerpt...

"This year’s New York marathon was my sixth full marathon, but the first time I’ve ever properly trained. I owe much of my preparation to Shirley Domicoli at Pure Austin Fitness. Shirley is bursting with positive energy and instantly likeable. She is exactly the influence I needed, exuding both inner and outer strength. I will never win marathons but like most runners last weekend, I was there for a personal victory. You don’t travel to New York, fight expo crowds, wake up at 3 am, sit in the cold for 4 hours and then run 26.2 miles without inherent passion.

The last six miles of a marathon separates runners from marathon runners. When you push beyond mile 20 you enter a primitive zone. Pain becomes ubiquitous and you force yourself to plow through complete exhaustion. This is where you need to dig deep and remember why you came... Every runner has a story."

Congrats Josie and Pure Austin for training another victory!