Pure Austin

I have to admit I work on average about four times a week, and rarely if ever, am I chomping at the bit to get physical and work up a sweat. Unfortunately, I am not the genetically blessed who can do a few sit ups, walk a few miles and call it a day. I have to kick, punch, jump and lunge my sweaty little body to achieve some level of fitness, and there is no where else in Austin that I would rather do this than at Pure Austin. Why would I take up a piece of my blog to write about something that I have to drag myself to do you ask? Because this gym kicks arse!

From their logo of "An Indoor Gym for Outdoor People" they hold true to being one of kind -- they are one of the only gyms in the country to offer in-house physical therapy services. They also offer assessment testing (including VO2 Max & Lactate Testing), on staff nutritionist, massage therapists and most importantly a seriously impressive staff of certified personal trainers. Many of their classes are actually taught by these trainers which yield amazing results. When I first tried the whispered about Blackout Class, I almost did. Their wide array of classes include rock climbing, tri fit for triathlons, open water swim, hot yoga, core kayaking, pilates and cycling.

To my complete joy they also recently started carrying Mel's Meals. Mel's Meals only uses fresh ingredients, contain no preservatives, and have all the nutritional information on a cute little label. After a morning workout I am able to get my iced coffee and favorite Vegan Quinoa Chili to go ~ delish!