Hi I'm Glo. I live, work & play in Austin with my sidekick in tow at all times; my rescue Soulpup Tallulah Rose. I love my friends, family and animals of all types...with the exception of reptiles (scuury)!  I've been assigned the Pack as my team & true to my word I wear it proudly! Life's necessities are well brewed java, pasta/bagels/all carbs from NY, Spiritual Sprinkles (Gabby B., Deepak & Meditation), writing, Uchi/Haru, great haircuts, Wes Anderson movies, ALL things French ~ oui!, and adore my computer Senor Mac. Oh, and a little bit of Rag & Bone /AllSaints /Splendid & gold jewelry thrown in .Comments & feedback are appreciated! Thanks for visiting, ciao ciao!