Femme Fatale Sweetheart

Adorable?  Yes.

Emmy nominated? Yes.

Singer/songwriter/fashion inspiration to all? Yes, yes & obviously.

Since she's rocked her way to stardom and into America's hearts, everyone has been taken with her quirk & comedic spirit. Simply put, she's October FFS because she embraces and celebrates the best things about herself that constitute her own (cuter than life itself!) version of a woman.

Better Late Than Never

Yes, it has been quite a while...and some might think it odd that what would bring me back would be not a post about recent fashion week, but a nail polish (& a clear one at that)?! Yup. This Essie quick dry polish is better than all the speciality top coats, dries in the quickest of pinches, and illuminates like the shine of a newly washed ferrari. I am so particular with my nails that I usually do them myself. This makes the process so effortless and time saving, that I still have time to bake a cupcake or two, LOL.